The Swan

July was a good month for me, with 11 poems published in two online magazines and these two fine anthologies:

Thought I’d take the opportunity to share one of my poems from Extreme Sonnets II, published by Rhizome Press.

The Swan

I saw a swan today and thought of you.
Do you remember that midsummer day
half of our lives ago. Nothing to do

but hire a rowboat, we resolved to play
explorers, cruised upstream past willow trees
propelled by drink and laughter all the way. 

Then, half way through a joke I saw you freeze
and almost drop your wine glass in mid-sip. 
An angry swan came pecking at our knees

defending cygnets like a battleship.
That memory had faded into black
until this morning. On a river trip

another swan sailed hissing to attack
and our lost summer came cascading back. 

In other news, I’m looking forward to three poetry gigs over the next few weeks:

On 18 August, I’m at Howl, 7 Castlegate, York , 8pm

On 8 September, at Small Seeds in Huddersfield, 7pm

and on 16 September at The Quiet Compere, hosted by Sarah Dixon and Rose Condo, at Marsden Mechanics, 730pm.


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