News and a Sonnet

Two bits of news for you today.

First, next Thursday (7 Oct) evening (which happens to be National Poetry Day), fellow Holmfirth Writer and Maytree poet Anne Steward has kindly invited me to join her in a poetry evening at 7pm at Holmfirth Library. Open mic slots are also available. Hope to see you there!

Secondly, I’m delighted to have three poems in Extreme Formal Poetry, just published by Rhizome press. I thought I’d share one of them with you:

The Alchemist

Alone in his laboratory he stands.
In glass alembics noxious liquors boil.
He pours and stirs, and with a crabby hand
obsessively records his fruitless toil.
Thus ends the long night’s work. Completely spent
he takes a sup of ale, a crust of bread,
laments another failed experiment,
at last retires defeated to his bed.
No treasure will reward the pains he took 
and yet we must be glad of his defiance:
he struggled on, and left us, in his book
ungerminated seeds of future science.
A red sun brings the dawn – pale, clean and cold –
and dusts upon the glass small flecks of gold.

3 thoughts on “News and a Sonnet

  1. That is such a *brilliant* poem Tim. Amazing. Is the anthology one of different poetic forms? Many congratulations. Are you going to post your other two contributions to the book? All the very best, Sue

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  2. Thank you, Sue! It does contain various different forms, but it’s really just a collection of poems that follow quite strict rules in terms of metre and rhyme. I may post another one in November (watch this space!)


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