The Test

I’m delighted to host another guest poem today, from George Simmers, fellow Holme Valley Poet, and the editor of Snakeskin Poetry Webzine.

The Test

The test has a judicial air
It is renowned for being fair

It can’t be cheated or beguiled
It terrifies the nervous child

The test puts children in straight rows
The poor child’s agitation grows

The test just exudes a calm authority
The child feels her inferiority

The child is shaky at the knees
She would dearly like to please

The test is printed clearly, neatly
The child’s demoralised completely

This test will sort the children out
The child is pulverised by doubt
The test’s job’s to discriminate
The child grows certain of her fate

The teacher smiles  to cheer the class
The test decides this child won’t pass

The child will fail; her spirit’s broken
The teacher sighs; the test has spoken

And all the country is impressed
By the rigour of this test

Snakeskin can be found at:

Pic: Rashi Latif / CC BY-SA (

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