The Wait

Today I am delighted to host speculative fiction author CM Angus, who shares with us a teaser for his novel Overstrike.

The Wait

LONDON  1948

How had it come to this?

Captain Joseph Howard stood amongst them, packed into the tunnel of the Westminster cabinet-bunker. Around him, solemn faces housed eyes focused-resolutely into middle-distance.

The silent weight of a hundred unspoken fears hung heavy in the air.

Was this fate?

There were no cheery words left to say; no songs left to sing.

But for now, they, at least, were beneath fifteen feet of concrete: Under the slab.

Not like some.

Not like most.

As before, and as ever, what sounded like distant thunder could be felt through the floor.

Trails of dust fell, and glowing filaments briefly flickered in electric lights.

The tear running down the face of a nameless woman caught his attention.

Around her, men fidgeted-nervously and looked away.

Joseph searched for words to say but found his thoughts strangled by his own rising tide of unease.

What use were words anyway?

There was no way that Stalin would accept surrender after what Churchill, and they, had done in ’45.

They were all already dead.

Without my intervention, thought Joseph, Only God can save them now,

And even then, traversing the RIFT this long after…

His thoughts were interrupted by the clanking of a bolt being withdrawn behind the heavy door at the end of the tunnel.

“Captain Howard: They’re ready. The Prime Minister will see you now.”

C M Angus

Overstrike is volume I of Fixpoint, a trilogy about a family who discover their inherited ability to manipulate reality. It enables them to effect changes in order to safeguard themselves and all that they hold dear. But even seemingly small changes in a timeline can have unforeseen and far-reaching consequences. Follow the stories of the Howards, on a journey exploring reality, time and our own sense of self.

Touching on themes of retro-causality, ethics and free will, and exploring ideas of cause, effect and retribution, it follows the path of Matt Howard, whose child, Ethan, is at risk, as he, his father and grandfather attempt to use their own abilities to manipulate reality in order to discover and prevent whoever is threatening Ethan.

Overstrike is published by Elsewhen Press and is available from the usual places.

CM Angus has also provided a couple of videos of his teaser, which is set just before Overstrike opens.

Teaser performed by the awesome Sam Dewhurst-Phillips  
CM Angus performing this teaser at the Halifax Festival of Words  

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