It’s been a little while since I put one of my own poems on here. This one was first published in Precious (Hammond House 2018) and is also in my collection Sea Without a Shore.

I will be reading this and other poems on Tuesday 15 October at Honley Library (West Ave, Honley HD9 6HF)), 7-9 pm, a double bill with Alan Prout, plus guest poet Anne Broadbent. There will also be refreshments and an open mic.

Proud I was in life, but foolish, believing crowns
and flattery were signs of real power.
But scarcely was my chamber dug
when I was sent to dwell in it.
Here, I was meant to dine in splendour with the gods
but gold and jewels have no sheen
in endless dark: what use are chariots
and hunting bows inside this womb of stone
that drip-feeds me its cursed gift of ever-life?
Disembowelled, bound, and blind
how I have known the infinity of night!
You come as thieves:
I do not care – these things are yours.
Gladly, I exchange them for your gifts, of space, of light.

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