Cute Aggression

Today I’m pleased to host a little piece of sci-fi flash fiction from Owen Townend, a fellow member of the Kirklees Author Forum. Our future interactions with alien species may not be quite what we expect ….

Cute Aggression

Oh! I want one in my arms! A little face to smush!

            I did have one some time ago but it ran away. A real shame: it was a great big furry beast. All you could see were its little eyes shining up at you. It wouldn’t climb up on my lap no matter how often I tried to encourage it. 

            Which is funny as they aren’t at all fussy about most things. What they eat, for example: they just love flightless birds. I suppose they were the natural predators of such things back where they come from. 

            It’s a shame when they fight you, though. I had a friend who had a little one: tiny black eyes on this pale squeezed oval of a face. It wouldn’t stop grabbing sharp objects and attacking her with them. There was only so much a light bop on the nose could do.

            Then again, I’m not one of those trainer types, you see. I haven’t the strictness to break them in. Probably why mine escaped so quickly. 

            Capable little critter though. Managed to commandeer my THRU vessel and set off for The Inevitability. And he only had two arms and two legs! Still they found the vessel not that far out. The limits of a human brain, I suppose. Have you seen one? You can fit two into the tip of your average tendril.

            Still they’re gorgeous creatures. Plenty of fat to be good for a cuddle at the end of a long trek. Shame about all the fluids though. 

            If you want an intuitive pet then you could do a lot worse. Just make sure you keep the little dears indoors… 


You can find out more about Owen and his work via:

his blog –

Twitter – @mrpondersome

Owin is the secretary of the Huddersfield Authors’ Circle

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