The Haunted Menagerie

I was disappointed not to be able to go to Write Out Loud in Marsden tonight.  It’s a monthly gathering where people gather to read poetry and chat, and is always a great evening.

So to cheer myself up, I thought I’d post here one of the poems I had been planning to read.  The theme this month was ‘animals’ and this is one of a very few pieces I’ve got on that subject.  Just a bit of fun, really.


The Haunted Menagerie


The shriek of gate on rusty hinges

wail of wind through broken glass.

Ivy grasps in tendril fingers

relics from a glorious past.


Children used to point and wonder,

lions paced around the cells

that now lie vacant, hidden under

strange cacophonies of smells


Where are they now, those agile cheetahs

rhinos, prowling jaguars?

They are still here, free of their fetters

no more imprisoned by their bars.


You cannot see them, but at night

you’ll hear the monkey’s ghostly calls.

The roar of bear and shriek of eagle

echo round these crumbling walls.


So are they free, these undead creatures,

disembodied feral minds?

Not so, they pine for distant lands

their lost souls cannot hope to find.


Should you come here to tread once more

the paths of this forbidden zoo

beware; within these empty cages

are things that might still feed on you.


Picture:  (c) Tekashifuka 2013


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