Happy Birthday, Kindred Spirits!

Jen Wilson is celebrating the anniversary of her novel Kindred Spirits: Tower of London, about the ghost of Richard III. She visited this blog in January to talk about it (https://timwordsblog.wordpress.com/2016/01/)

Jennifer C. Wilson

This weekend has been a really special one for me, and I’m so grateful to those who have very kindly hosted me on their blogs.

Thursday 27th October was the first anniversary of Kindred Spirits: Tower of London being published, and personally, it has been an incredibly exciting year. Seeing the book published as an ebook in 2015 was absolutely fantastic, and then for it to come out in paperback in spring, well – that just took things to the next level.

I have been a guest on a couple of blogs this weekend, but couldn’t let the anniversary pass without talking about it on here too. And, to celebrate even more, the ebook is currently just 99p/c, in a limited sale, available here.

Thanks to everyone who has bought and reviewed the book – you are absolutely lovely people, and I am very grateful!

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