Poetry Feast

I’ve been indulging in something of an orgy of poetry over the last few days. Last weekend was the monthly Poetry Day organised by Holme Valley Poets, where we looked at the poetry of Thomas Hardy and wrote pieces of our own inspired by what we’d heard. I’d read some of Hardy’s novels, but his poetry was new to me – and I must admit, I was impressed by it. On Monday evening there was a poetry reading event organised by the Friends of Holmfirth Library.  Then on Thursday – National Poetry Day, of course – I was part of a group from Write Out Loud (see their website -https://www.writeoutloud.net/) reading our poetry at the Ilkey Moor Vaults as part of the Ilkley Literature Festival. And finally, today was the Poetry Jam at The Railway in Marsden (see pic) as part of the Jazz Festival, once again orchestrated by the indefatigable Julian Jordon from Write Out Loud.

It’s been great to hear so much good poetry at these events and to have the opportunity to read my own. Though it’s unusual for me to go to quite so many poetry events in such a short space of time, actually there is usually something going on somewhere in the area if you know where to look. It seems to be part of a wider renaissance that is going on as towns realise that cultural (and other) festivals are a great way of drawing people in. Pretty much every little town I can think of has a festival of some kind these days – Holmfirth has more than I can count!  I think there is something rather wonderful in the fact that this is happening in what used to be seen as the grim, uncultured North

I guess it would be fitting to end with a short poem – so here is one of the pieces I read this morning in Marsden.


She is talking in purple

the words burst around me

in blossoms of sparks

and the sound tastes of sherbet

the popping of bubbles

makes waves in the

puddle of sludge

at the heart of me.

I try to make rainbows

but as always

I answer in grey.






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