Catching up with Sue

My guest today is author and editor Sue Barnard.  Hello Sue, nice of you to drop in.

Hi Tim. Thanks for inviting me. It’s lovely to be back!

When we last spoke (in January) you were working on a time-slip novel. How’s that coming along?

I’ve now finished it (or at least, a version of it!), but in terms of length it’s closer to a novella than a full novel. What happens next remains to be seen.

I look forward to hearing more about it.  Do you have any other fiction projects on the go that you’d like to tell us about?

I recently found a project that I started last year, so I might try resurrecting that. I’ve also had a few other ideas, one of which has recently progressed to the Scribble-Down-A-Few-Notes-On-The-Back-Of-An-Envelope stage, but I think that particular one is going to need rather a lot of research. Not that I have a problem with that – it gives me a great excuse to spend ages trawling through the Interweb Thingy without feeling guilty about it.

And have you been writing much poetry?

A couple of political Clerihews. They were the result of trying to extract an iota of topical humour from the current chaos.

Here they are – they’re a bit controversial, so I’ll leave it up to you whether or not to include them. I won’t be in the least offended if you decide not to.

BoJo the clown

has let everyone down

with his selfish exit

from the chaos of Brexit.


Michael Gove

(that creepy old cove)

is far too sinister

to be Prime Minister.


Nigel Farage

(judging by his visage)

was the result of a snog

between a tortoise and a frog.

I saw you captaining a team on Only Connect the other day, and I seem to recall that you already have a track record on quiz shows. Is there a burgeoning TV career in prospect?

I very much doubt it! The “track record” is generally writing quiz questions, not answering them. And believe me, there’s a world of difference between the two! Having said that, it was great fun doing Only Connect. And we were asked back for a second game, which was very reassuring as it meant that we didn’t finish last overall. That one will be broadcast on Monday 22 August.

You’re a regular blogger yourself. What do you see as the purpose of blogging?

I think it has several purposes. My blog originated as a poetry blog (for NaPoWriMo 2013), but since then I’ve used it to promote books (my own and those of fellow-authors), interview other writers, tell a few stories, and have the occasional rant. In that respect, suppose it’s the e-quivalent of a soapbox.

What question would you have liked me to ask that I didn’t?

“If you could change one recent event, what would it be?”

And what is the answer?

Not have that bloody referendum. Whichever way it went, it was bound to upset those who disagreed with the result. And look at the chaos it has caused…

I’m with you there, Sue.  Maybe you could write another time slip novella in which your characters go back and sort it out!  Thanks for dropping in, and for those answers – entertaining as ever! 


Sue Barnard is the author of the award-nominated historical fantasy The Ghostly Father and the romantic intrigues Nice Girls Don’t and The Unkindest Cut of All
She is also an editor at Crooked Cat Publishing
You can find out more about Sue and her books via these links:

Blog   Facebook   G+   Twitter   Amazon


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