NaPoWriMo 2016 – Day One

Nice poem from Jennifer Wilson

Jennifer C. Wilson

And we’re off! For the month of madness which is National Poetry Writing Month. I tend to post a day behind the prompts which come through, writing in the evening, posting in the morning, so I’m kicking off the month with a poem I wrote as part of one of Elaine’s Happy Planet workshops, tidied up last night.

Fifteen minutes a day

(After ‘My System’ by Lieut. J.P. Muller)

“Illness is generally one’s own fault”

He is waiting for the train.

He is seemingly always waiting for the train.

Bored, his eyes stray to the latest release,

handed to him by an equally bored colleague.

“Fifteen minutes’ exercise a day” promises:

a body that belongs in the Louvre,

carved into pristine marble, marvelled at

by snaking lines of admiring eyes.

Fifteen minutes a day and he’ll get the girl,

who smiled at him, once, and lit up his life.


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