Welcome to my new blog!

T E Taylor

To any readers who don’t know me yet, welcome!  My name is Tim Taylor.  I write historical and contemporary novels as T. E. Taylor), and also poetry and the occasional short story.  This blog will mostly be about writing – my own and other people’s – though I may sometimes stray into other areas that interest me, such as music.  You can find out more about me, my books and my other interests on my website (tim.e.taylor.co.uk).

Those who do know me will probably also know that I am not new to blogging. When I set up my website  a couple of years ago, I thought I’d set up a blog at the same time.  So I created a blog on there, and I’ve been posting every couple of weeks or so ever since.  That was all very well, but I’ve come to realise that an ordinary website page is not an ideal platform for a blog.  It doesn’t come with all the bells and whistles you get on a dedicated blogging site and it can be a bit clunky to edit.

So after much procrastination I have finally got round to setting up a brand new, stand-alone blog.  Here you will find my latest news; snippets of my writing – poems, short stories, extracts from novels; opinions on matters related to writing; factual posts on the historical and other issues relevant to my writing; and guest posts from other authors (watch this space for a post from fellow Crooked Cat author Shani Struthers on 24 November about her new novel Eve: A Christmas Ghost Story).  Old blog posts will continue to be available on my website for some time to come.

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